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ILLITERATE VILLAGE IDIOTS: Fally Ipupa’s Daughter Unleashes Venomous Statement Against UDPS Youths

A frosty relationship has not prevented Congolese singer Fally Ipupa’s daughter, Keyna, to come out in full support of her father after his home was vandalized and partially burnt down for meeting French President Emmanuel Macron.

Keyna took to social media to let out her emotions after news broke and images were circulated of her father’s property under attack in Kinshasa.

The France-based social media enthusiast told off the attackers to keep her father away from politics.

Ruling party youths are upset that Fally Ipupa met with Macron, one of the western country leaders, seen as a supporter of Rwandan President Paul Kagame. Kagame is accused by Congolese of funding and arming M23 rebels to cause instability in the country.

So, Fally meeting President Macron was an endorsement of Rwanda’s aggression on the Congo in the eyes of the ruling party and its supporters

His daughter was upset by the attack and wrote, “Touching my father is touching a whole nation. No Congolese will tolerate that you disrespect a legend who travels with a purpose, who is the best representative of Congo worldwide I am against this notorious stupidity.”

She admitted she was not currently in good books with her father but is not ready to watch him attacked by politicians.

Keyna says Fally is not a politician and did not deserve the treatement he got by UDPS youths.

So far, no government official has strongly condemned or reprimanded the attacks on Fally.

“It’s true I’m not happy and I am not in good terms with daddy because we don’t agree on two or three things but I’ll never shut up just because a bunch of hungry illiterate village idiots and dirty [peope] are disrespecting my daddy.

“My dad doesn’t do politics. My dad makes a living honestly,” said Keyna.

Tension is rising in Congo ahead of the elections in December but the war in the eastern part of the country is not helping matters.



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