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MEALIE MEAL CRISIS: Haut Katanga Governor Struggles To Keep Price Of Staple Food In Check

Haut Katanga governor Jacques Kyabula Katwe is moving from one milling company to another to try and flood the market with the commodity so as to keep the price of mealie meal in the range of $18 to $25 per 25kg.

The population in Lubumbashi is agitated after waking up to mealie meal price at $45 while the governor’s office is still struggling to make ends meet most parts of last month.

Kyabula has been moving from milling companies to ask them to flood the market with mealie meal to keep the price in check.

He has urged more people to take advantage of the rain pattern in the region and cultivate maize with the help of the Provincial Government’s agricultural inputs and subsidies launched in 2020.

Kyabula believes that the province can achieve food self-sufficiency when actively in the trade.



  1. This government is useless.

    Can you imagine a government that has no control over its government structure?🤔

    In the DRC taxes starts from $100.000 for any inverter to start their business. That’s just a big NO! No wonder congo lacks investors to meet the people’s requirements.

    In congo, everyone is a tax collector, today this group will come and charge your business for trading, time time others will come and charge you again… Like wow who does that.

    This shows that the government is not in control. For crying out loud congo is feeding the whole world with its minerals. Come to the kasumbalesa border side of Zambia and will see how many tracks are heading to the DRC just to reap its minerals. And if you see the country’s poverty shame!!!

    The one thing Congo lacks is leadership!!!!!


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