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DONE & DUSTED: Katumbi Successfully Files In His Nomination

Leading opposition Ensemble Pour la Republique President Moïse Katumbi Chapwe has successfully submitted his file for nomination for the upcoming December 20, 2023 Presidential Election.

Katumbi will finally appear on the ballot and challenge incumbent Fèlix Tshisekedi after having been blocked from contesting for the presidency back in 2018 while there were some attempts to override the former Katanga Governor’s nomination file for this year’s polls as well.

Katumbi’s candidacy was confirmed this Wednesday morning at the electoral commission, CENI headquarters in Kinshasa with submission delivered by a delegation led by his party spokesperson Herve Diakiese.

Katumbi successful filing of his nomination for the presidency adds new context to a dramatic build-up to the elections that has seen a number of injustices committed against allies of the Ensemble Pour la Republique party.

Cherubin Okende, a spokesperson of Katumbi, was assassinated back in July while the opposition leader’s Special Advisor Salomon Kalonda Della has been unjustly detained by authorities since May in just some of the cases of repression the opposition have faced in the lead up to the elections.

Speaking in reaction to the successful filing of his nomination, Katumbi said there was hope of restoration for the DRC after enduring severe sufferings arising from war, violations of the rule of law and bad governance.

“Our country is condemned neither to war, nor to insecurity, nor to bad governance, nor to repeated violations of the rule of law and freedoms. Our country does not need selfish and corrupt leaders who seize the DRC’s wealth for their own benefit by condemning the people to hunger, unemployment and poverty. Our country does not need leaders
who constantly drag it down” Katumbi said.

“Our country needs leaders with integrity who will lift it up. Only clearly elected men and women will be able to restore the people’s confidence in them as they will be held accountable. I have faith in the genius, the courage and the strength of the Congolese people. It is for them that I will fight to the end.”

Katumbi becomes the ninth candidate to declare and successfully file in his candidacy for the 20 December 2023 Presidential Elections.




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