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CORRUPTION: Useless SADC And AU Bribed To Declare Tshisekedi As Winner

After a sham of an exercise the DR Congo are calling an election, it appears the regional body SADC and the African Union are conspiring to announce Felix Tshisekedi as the winner.

But Congolese are threatening to go to a full scale war if Tshisekedi is declared winner in a rigged election that has opposition leader Moise Katumbi as the clear favorite.

The SADC and AU observer teams have just been meeting with Tshisekedi and it’s being reported that they have been heavily bribed to declare him winner though majority of the Congolese are threatening to declare a war.

The so called election has been marred with major irregularities including people having voting machines in their bedrooms, people being forced to vote for Tshisekedi while votes for Katumbi are being destroyed.

In some places, known voters for Katumbi have either been killed or beaten?
The videos below show what has been going on in the country since Wednesday when voting started.

Is this what our leaders in Africa call a free, fair, inclusive and transparent election?



  1. This really makes sad reading it’s like even the absetvers have got vested interests in the Congo cause of it’s
    vast mineral deposits as it’s the richest on the African continent in terms of natural resources our brothers and sisters have suffered enough
    I really hope katumbi could be given an opportunity cause he’s been the clear favourite


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