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BATTLE LINE DRAWN: New Rebel Coalition Leader Corneille Nangaa Back In The DRC; Threatens To “Go All The Way” To Kinshasa For Tshisekedi

Former CENI President and leader of the new political-military coalition, Congo River Alliance, Corneille Nangaa is back in the Democratic Republic of Congo and has issued a threat to fight against President Fèlix Tshisekedi and his regime.

Nangaa who recently launched Congo River Alliance, a coalition that consists of the M23 Rebel Group and other militias, has been spotted in the war-ravaged Rutshuru territory of North Kivu Province, eastern DR Congo.

In a video captured from Rutshuru and surrounded by his soldiers, Nangaa has declared the recently held 2023 General Elections organized by CENI and the Tshisekedi government as an insult and betrayal to the Congolese people.

“Congolese people, we have been betrayed! The electoral fraud orchestrated by Félix and his henchmen is only an insult to our dignity! But today, we will show them the true power of our army. We will march on the capital, and we will neutralize him and all his accomplices without the slightest ounce of pity!” Nangaa said.

Nangaa has since threatened to march to the DR Congo capital Kinshasa with his army to oust Tshisekedi and his government.

“Let the looters tremble before the anger of the liberation army! No obstacle will be able to stop our triumphant march towards victory! No one will wage war in our place. The glory of the DRC will shine again, freed from the yoke of these corrupt tyrants!” Nangaa declares.

“No rampart will hold us back, no trap will stop us. We are the hurricane of justice, ready to devastate everything in its path. Let the capital tremble, for our wrath is insatiable, and our vengeance will be terrible!” he said.

Meanwhile, opposition presidential candidates have issued a joint-statement threatening to mobilize mass protests as the CENI prepares to announce the presidential results from the chaotic elections.




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