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[VIDEO] DETERMINED TO VOTE: Likasi Man Troops To Registration Center For 4 Days To Get Voter’s Card

A man in Likasi, one of the main cities in Grand Katanga, says he has been trooping to the registration center for four days to secure a voter’s card so he can participate in the December 20, 2023 presidential elections.

Grand Katanga, an opposition stronghold has been hit by limited supply of electoral materials, with the available ones also ill equipped to capture the overwhelming numbers that are showing up at registration centers.

The opposition say the lack of sufficient voting registration materials in the areas where the ruling party is very unpoplar is part of the ploy by CENI and President Felix Tshisekedi to rig the polls.

Therefore, obtaining a voter’s card has become a headache in the mountainous city of Likasi with some centers forming long queues and operating only with one machine.

Those talked to say they have spent 24 to 120 hours returning to the registration centers to have the chance of being registered as voters.

Shortage of equipment and technical malfunctioning are among the causes of the delays created in the process.

Watch the report.



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