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DRC ON THE BRINK OF MAJOR WAR: Tshisekedi Invalidates Katumbi’s Candidature On Allegations Of Multiple Nationalities

Belgian citizen Felix Tshisekedi, also President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, has ordered that popular opposition leader Moïse Katumbi’s candidature be invalidated on false allegations the Ensemble leader has multiple nationalities.

Government sources have cautioned that invalidating Katumbi’s candidature will plunge the already wartorn DRC into a major military battle with Katanga where Tshisekedi has deployed thousands of special forces likely to secede.

Tshisekedi has received a credible intelligence report that he is not popular to win the election against Katumbi who is the most popular candidate across the country with a significant national appeal.

After the conclusion of the filing of nominations for presidential candidates, Tshisekedi asked his intelligence wing, ANR, to gather intel on the population’s likely voting opinion.

The results, according to sources, indicate that Tshisekedi is only popular in the two Kasaï provinces where his vote could be divided with Delly Sessanga.

Presumed winner of the 2018 election Martin Fayulu is also only popular in his Bandundu Province while Tshisekedi’s deputy prime minister for economy Vital Kamerhe still commands some popularity in the Kivu areas but that has been depleted by the emergence of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dr Denis Mukwege and former Prime Minister Augustin Matata Mapon.

As for Katumbi, the ANR, reports that the Ensemble leader is without a doubt way ahead of the incumbent in Katanga, Kinshasa, east, west and other parts of the mineral-rich yet impoverished nation.

“The only way to stop Katumbi is invalidate his candidature. So, they are saying a minister known as Tambwe nullified the certificate of citizenship when Mr. Katumbi was in exile and it has never been reinstated. There’s no such decision but that is what the President wants to use.

“If Katumbi is disqualified, the intelligence have told the president security forces can’t guarantee peace because they will be overwhelmed,” the source said.

Tshisekedi has also been advised that invalidating Katumbi’s candidature will trigger an international investigation on how he survived, lived in Belgium where he obtained citizenship.




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