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POINT OF NO RETURN: Katumbi Says Tshisekedi’s Attempt To Cheat & Lie His Way Back To Power Will Not Pass; Condemns Police Repression Of Fayulu’s Supporters As DRC Heads Towards Chaos After Widespread Fraud In The Election

Opposition Ensemble pour la Republique president Moise Katumbi says the brutal reaction of police to the demonstration organized by Martin Fayulu to protest widespread fraud in the election was an attempt to cross a civil line by authorities.

Katumbi, widely seen as winner of the election by Parallel Voter Tabulation, has declared the CENI numbers as a sham.

President Felix Tshisekedi will soon be declared winner with no proof he collected the votes CENI is announcing.

Katumbi writes, “After the sham elections organized by the CENI, the Congolese people decided – as the Constitution gives them the right to do – to take charge and march peacefully to demand a real election. The population’s only response was shooting and indiscriminate violence from the police. There are several injured. This is unacceptable !

“I strongly condemn the repression to which the people of Kinshasa have been victims, including many supporters of #ECIDE , the sister party of @martinfayulu . A point of no return has just been crossed. This first march will be followed by other actions throughout the country.

“Cheating, fraud and lying will not pass. I express here my compassion to the injured and victims of the dictatorship. Their courage to peacefully defend freedom and democracy is in line with our heroes.

“All together we are condemned to take control of our destiny. A new Congo is possible!”




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