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MUKWEGE EXPOSES TSHISEKEDI: The President’s Message Is Inconsistent With His Actions On Ex-Rebels Like Bemba & Nyamwisi

Congolese Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dr. Denis Mukwege has strongly criticized President Félix Tshisekedi alleging that the Head of State’s pronouncements on the intergration of rebels in government is shrouded in inconsistencies especially that his current government is not a good example of ending such decision.

In a statement, Dr. Mukwege says Tshisekedi’s statement on August 2, 2023 was insensitive to the victims of the Congo war as his government is currently a haven for former rebel leaders Jean Pierre Bemba and Antipas Mbusa Nyamwisi.

Commemorating Congolese Genocide, Tshisekedi announced that the country should inact laws that prevents rewarding former rebels with government positions.

“Amnesty laws or integration within public administrations is a way of sanctioning impunity,” said Tshisekedi, adding; “the Congolese Parliament must adopt laws aimed at removing the perpetrators of crimes from ‘accessing responsibilities’.”

However, Dr. Mukwege says Tshisekedi’s announcement was an insult to the people of Congo.

“The president does not seem sensitive to the respect of the principles of coherence. He, among other things, took advantage of the last government reshuffle in March 2023 to appoint two ex-warlords to the rank of minister and Deputy Prime Minister. Two years earlier, on August 7, 2021, he appointed a former executive of the Congolese Rally for Democracy and leader of a militia, the Alliance for the Liberation of Eastern Congo (ALEC) close to the M23 and Rwanda to the position of national coordinator of the National Program for Demobilization, Disarmament, Community Recovery and Stabilization (PDDRC-SS),” Dr. Mukwege recollects.

Dr. Mukwege says the appointment of Bemba and Nyamwisi is a clear case of injustice to those the former warlords killed when they terrorized the country.




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