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KATUMBI IS THEIR SLOGAN: Tshisekedi Takes More Time To Discuss Opposition Candidate’s Nationality Over His Record As President

Opposition Congo Ya Makasi coalition candidate Moïse Katumbi has wondered why incumbent Fèlix Tshisekedi during his campaign has taken more time to discuss false allegations about the former’s nationality rather than the successes he has achieved during his tenure as president.

After a catastrophic five year term as president, Tshisekedi has struggled on his campaign trail for re-election and has spent more passing xenophobic and tribalistic messages to the electorate who have in turn called him a thief and a liar.

Tshisekedi and his camp have fabricated stories about Katumbi being of several nationalities, recently Zambian, with the authorities of that country denying having issued citizenship to the Ensemble Pour la Republique party leader.

“This is a gutter debate. I never took the Zambian passport, I have the letter from the Minister of the Interior of Zambia which was even received at the Constitutional Court. Is Katumbi’s passport that’s Mr. Tshisekedi’s record?” Katumbi wondered.

Allegations about Katumbi’s non-Congolese nationality were initially fabricated by Tshisekedi’s camp in order to have the opposition leader’s candidacy nullified.

However, the Constitutional Court who were part of the scheme, could not succeed in finding cause to block Katumbi from the ballot.

Katumbi now looks headed for victory in Wednesday’s polls after attracting massive support while on his campaign trail around the DRC.




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