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TSHISEKEDI ABOUT TO SET CONGO ON FIRE: Fearing Defeat President Tshisekedi Order Constitution Court To Delay Elections To Block Katumbi

Impeccable sources in the Congolese intelligence have disclosed that President Felix Tshisekedi has order the Constitutional Court to delay elections to allow time to eliminate front-runner Moise Katumbi from the race.

In liason with Martin Fayulu, a one region opposition leader, Tshisekedi believe that Katumbi must be blocked from becoming Congo president and lodged a complaint in the court to disqualify the popular candidate.

The Constitutional Court is set to make the announcement for the postponement of the elections this week.

However, the intelligence has warned that making such a fatal error will throw Congo into a catastrophe.

The intelligence states that the country’s security agencies does not have capacity to handle a population that has already decided what to do.

“There will be bloodshed in Congo. Tshisekedi and his friends must be careful with what they want to do,” a source said.

Fayulu lodged a complaint to eliminate Katumbi on account of nationality.




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