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[OPINION] MILES SAMPA: He Should Keep His Lunacy & Idiocy In Matero & Zambia, Not DRC Where Foolish Leaders Like Him Are Forced Out Even With A Barrel

Watching Zambian parliamentarian Miles Sampa defend the chaotic elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo was so painful and annoying.

So painful and annoying that one wonders whether Sampa who was observing the elections in an official capacity is actually normal. The conclusion anyway is that he is a politician suffering a serious mental health problem that needs urgent attention.

According to Sampa, human rights were “respected”, everyone “freely” voted and chose “who they wanted” in the shambolic DRC election.

As if that’s not already upsetting, Sampa adds it was “commendable” that the release of votes was made public at polling stations, and that having witnessed many elections in Africa, the voting in DR Congo was calm. What a idiot this Matero native made of himself and his country, Zambia including its leadership.


While we understand that Sampa was assigned to observe the elections in Kinshasa and may not have been privy to happenings in other places, it is in this very city where Aimé Lolinga, Mayor of Ngaba, was arrested for having 200 voting machines that were used to manufacture votes for incumbent Felix Tshisekedi with so many other similar incidents, involving less known people, reported.

It is in Kinshasa where in some polling stations, people were voting with a soldier right in front of the ballot box to ensure they voted for Tshisekedi. Its in Kinshasa where opposition members were butchered for merely exercising their right to vote for opposition candidates – hasn’t Sampa seen pictures of elderly women stripped naked for voting the opposition or seen videos of a couple that was shot dead in Lubumbashi for voting for the opposition? If he cares, has he asked how many registered to vote and what the figures show of those who actually voted in Kinshasa.

Anyway, since he is a fool, an idiot of amazing proportion. We will inform those who believe hin that there were about 4 million registered voters in Kinshasa. According to CENI, over 6 million voted in Kinshasa. It’s only possible that this can happen peacefully in Sampa stupid mind.


Fact is in these elections, they have been massive irregularities which include the late opening of polling stations, the extension of voting days, the possession of electoral materials by certain individuals before and after voting day, and the pre-programming of voting machines among others.

The head of the country’s electoral body, the CENI, has even admitted to these issues with the influential Catholic Church describing the elections as a “gigantic disorder”.

“Our agents were sequestered and violently excluded from the process, even political party witnesses were attacked in certain places,” reacted Dénis Kadima Kazadi Monday December 25, 2023 from the Bosolo Center.

Kadima has further admitted he does not know how many polling stations he opened. He also does not know the number of voting machines made available to both the CENI and the candidates of the Sacred Union, Tshisekedi’s political grouping.

But he knows how to publish the “results” while the “voting” is on the 6th day!

So where are the results Kadima’s CENI been publishing come from? How is he going to publish the results, station by station, if he doesn’t even know how many polling stations were open? Clearly, the chaos is total, this chaos has led to massive fraud through ballot stuffing.

The opposition have boycotted the elections and called for their annulment though Sampa argues everything was okay. Idiot.


A Belgian IT expert was killed by state agents though concealed as suicide and Sampa can’t see anything wrong with that. Imbecile!

Anyone who follows events in Zambia knows that Sampa is not the most of credible of parliamentarians. Who knows maybe Sampa hails from Mbuji-Mayi because there are a lot of political similarities between him and Tshisekedi.

He is a cunning, unprincipled, an inconsistent individual who is currently being aided to steal the former ruling party, the Patriotic Front, by those in power so he can take his country to a one party state. Bastard!

A few months ago, aided by state apparatus, Sampa called together a few drinking friends, prostitutes, tribesmen, relatives and organized something he called a convention to elect hi. as leader of the Patriotic Front – an event that was as illegitimate and rotten to the core as the DRC elections.

We understand in Zambia, he moves around the country with state-sponsored bodyguards (for fear of being lynched because of the confusion he has brought into the opposition arena) while at every given opportunity, whenever he travels outside the country, he gets selfies with the whos-who to show that he’s well connected when infact not.

Others have previously questioned his mental faculties but he says he’s normal. We strongly doubt a normal person would behave the way this idiotic is behaving and misrepresenting his country.

Anyway, the thing is even the abnormal think they’re normal, anyway.

We advise this mad man to keep his lunacy within the confines of Zambia. Congolese have suffered a lot in their pursuit for political decency. The last thing they expect is a Zambian to endorse a sham of an election.

In Congo, leaders have been forced out with a barrel; millions of people have died from war. If Sampa wants the Congolese formula extended to him at the expense of his young family, we encourage him to dare, his loved ones will regret on his behalf since he will be a piece of history.

Forewarned is Forearmed. Take heed , Miles. Keep your madness in Zambia where it has been tolerated.




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