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WAR IN THE EAST: M23 Take Control of New Army Territories in Latest Clashes with Congolese Army

The M23 Rebel Group have continued advancing towards the city of Goma in North Kivu Province after successfully managing to take control of two strategic Congolese military (FARDC) territories in latest clashes on Tuesday night.

On Tuesday, the M23 fighters took over the territories of Majengo and Nyanzale following a day of intense fighting in Rutshuru.

The M23 fighters are said to have ambushed the FARDC soldiers from Ngoroba through Kashalira to capturing Majengo, which is considered to be the last security barrier into Nyanzale territory.

Over the weekend, the Congolese Ministry of Defence warned that the M23 had continued reinforcing its group with more fighters as well armoury suspected to have been provided by Rwanda.




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