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[VIDEO] KATUMBI BLOWS UP LODJA: Opposition Leader Tour In Greater Kasai Region Off To Outstanding Start

Opposition common candidate Moïse Katumbi began his campaign tour of the Greater Kasai region with an overwhelming crowd attending his rally in Lodja town of Sankuru Province.

The small remote town was a hive of activities on Friday as scores of locals trooped to the Lodja Airstrip to welcome the opposition common candidate.

Katumbi arrived at the airstrip in the company of his allies and later proceeded to the Lumumba Stadium where thousands of people had gathered.

At the rally, Katumbi reminded the people of Lodja of the injustices inflicted on their sons and his political partners Cherubin Okende and Judge Raphael Yanyi Ovungu who were brutally murdered while fighting for the rights and betterment of the DRC population.

Katumbi also expressed his great compassion for the people of Lodja and Greater Kasai region testiment by his decision to endorse two natives, Okende and Christophe Lutundula, for government appointments in the ruling government.

After a successful meeting held, Katumbi proceeded to Kindu, Maniema Province where he attended the funeral of Master Dido Kakisingi, an Ensemble Pour la Republique party youth leader, who was brutally killed by Tshisekedi’s armed police officers during the opposition leader’s campaign in the town last Tuesday.




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