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[VIDEO] CLEAR SIGNAL: Kinshasa Youths Rapture To Give Pres. Tshisekedi Sign His Mandate Was Over

As the Catholic Supreme Leader, Pope Francis, addressed youths at the Stade Martyr in Kinshasa, the gathering raptured in an evident slogan of frustration at the leadership of President Felix Tshisekedi as they burst into chants stating the end of the regime.

One of the activities by Pope Francis was to address Congolese youths which was duly fulfilled this afternoon when over 70, 000 young people showed up.

As the Pope gathered the youth, he spoke about the fight against corruption asking young people to hold their leaders accountable.

Pope Francis said corruption was evil and had the potential to cripple any decent society which is why those who perpetrate the vice must be brought to book.

President Tshisekedi’s government has not been spared from accusations of corruption with some of his family leaders linked to mismanagement of national resources while the ordinary population wallows in abject poverty.

In response to the Pontiff’s clarion call, the youths stated they were ready to root out corruption prompting a pause in his speech as they burst out into a slogan that signaled the elections set for December 20, 2023 were crucial to them.

The Pope acknowledged the feedback and said he like their bravery after which they now went into a unison chorus in lingala loosely translated as, “Fatshi (President Tshisekedi); remember that your mandate is over.”

It was an awkward moment for the VIPs that were present but a message enough that the youths in Kinshasa and potentially the Democratic Republic of Congo will go to the polls with a mind set on correcting the errors of 2018.



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