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WRECKLESS SPENDING: Newly-elected Congolese MPs in Massive Pay Rise

While the economic situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo worsens by each day, government has resolved to increase newly-elected National Deputies’ emoluments increased by an incredible margin.

Government have proposed this move in build-up to the presentation of the finance budget for the year 2024.

The decision by President Fèlix Tshisekedi’s ruling UDPS party whose members dominate in the National Assembly, comes in the wake of a declining economy affected by the wreckless expenditure and embezzlement of public funds.

The government have proposed for the National Deputies’ emoluments to be increased from US$21,000 to as much US$33,000 this year.

This would to in addition to the hefty US$400,000 that each MP will receive in reception and installation expenses.

The Congolese economy is currently at its worst in country’s history with a US$1 selling at FCA2830, in the local currency in what is its highest rate ever.



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