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SLAIN PRESIDENT: Tshisekedi Slowly But Surely Killing Salomon Kalonda

DR Congo’s dictator and wicked President Fèlix Tshisekedi is edging closer to his succeeding in his agenda to eliminate political opponent Moïse Katumbi’s special advisor Salomon Kalonda Della.

Kalonda, held captive by authorities since May, 2023 and denied access to proper medical attention, is currently battling for his life.

Tshisekedi has sworn to see Kalonda die in the custody of the authorities with the Military Court denying for the umpteenth time a valid request to fly him out of the country for specialist treatment.

The Prosecutor’s office has so far found no sufficient evidence over the false charges leveled against Kalonda including possession of illegal fire arms which have not been found and later the alleged attempt to carry out a coup d’etat.

Tshisekedi’s cruelty now looks set to yield his agenda as Kalonda’s health continues to deteriorate while he has ordered the authorities not to release the passport belonging to the defendant.



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