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WAR IN THE EAST: SADC Delegation Survive Five M23 Bomb Attempts in Sake

Democratic Republic of Congo Armed Forces (FARDC) spokesperson Major General Sylvain Ekenge has announced that a military delegation comprising of army chiefs from SADC contributing countries survived five mortar bomb attempts by the M23 rebel group in Sake, North Kivu Province on Friday.

Army chiefs from SADC countries contributing troops to the DRC met in Goma on Friday before going to assess the security situation on the front line at the Goma-Sake axis on Friday.

The military delegation comprising of officials from Burundi and of the armed forces of the DRC were met by serious attempts on their lives while on their mission but fortunately the M23 bombs did not achieve their objective.

“The M23 terrorists dropped a total of 5 bombs to prevent us from reaching Saké. Fortunately, these bombs did not overcome the determination of the heads of the defense forces of the countries contributing to Mubambiro,” Major General Sylvain Ekenge revealed.

Maj. Gen. Ekenge assured the nation that the FARDC had put in place strategies to put an end to the activities of the M23 rebels in the east.

Tension continues to rise in eastern DRC as the M23 advance towards the strategic city of Goma which they aim to take over.



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