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RIDICULOUS CONCLUSION: Ensemble Pour la Republique Rubbish Attorney General’s Version of Suicide in Cherubin Okende Case

The opposition Ensemble Pour la Republique party have rejected the conclusion by the Attorney General claiming that former Transport Minister Cherubin Okende had committed suicide, a decision that was ordered by killer President Fèlix Tshisekedi.

On Thursday, Attorney General at the Court of Cassation Firmin Mvonde stated that investigations had revealed that the former spokesperson of Ensemble leader Moïse Katumbi had taken his own life.

The narrative of suicide has been introduced to hinder justice for Okende who was assassinated by ANR agents sent by murderer President Fèlix Tshisekedi.

Ensemble spokesperson Herve Diakiese said the Court of Cassation’s conclusion was speculative and not comphrensive.

“The prosecution’s astonishing version is not based on any procedural element. Only the autopsy report relates the probable causes and circumstances of death,” Diakiese said.

Meanwhile, Human Rights organisations, ASADHO President Jean-Claude Katende said he had who found the conclusion of the Court ridiculous.

“The conclusion made public by the judicial authorities in charge of the Okende case is the most ridiculous there is. The fact that they threatened to arrest anyone who harshly criticized their conclusion shows that they understood that no one will believe it,” Katende said.

Okende’s bloody lifeless body was found on July 13, 2023 at the Avenue des Produits Lourds in Kinshasa where he had been kidnapped to by ANR agents sent by Tshisekedi.



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