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[VIDEO] GOMA Erupts: Congolese In War-Torn Kivu Province Take To The Streets To Protest Great Lakes Failure To Deal With M23

Residents in Congo’s east main city of Goma this morning took to the streets to protest against the failure by the East Africa Command (EAC) to deal with the rebel group M23.

The frustrated crowd took to one of busy streets, Goma-Sake road, and barricaded it at the Alanine market.

The protesters chanted slogans “leo njo leo (translated as today is today” to send a message they were fed up by the inertia of both UN and EAC forces in the area.

M23, which is reportedly backed by Rwanda, has ravaged the area killing thousands and displacing millions.

The protests spread out to other parts of Goma and were recorded at Mutinga station.

Meanwhile, the EAC regional soldiers who locals describe as “white mercenaries” had moved to remove barricades on the roads of Goma a few hours after the protests started.

There are about 400 forces in North Kivu said to be helping in the war against the M23, but are doing nothing apart from being spotted in nightclubs and supermarkets.



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