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[VIDEO]: DRC – An Epitome Of Riches Among Poor People

There is no doubt the Democratic Republic of Congo is endowed with a plethora of minerals. There is also no doubt the vast Central African nation is one of the poorest countries in the world.

Mention gold, diamonds, copper, cobalt, coltan, oil or any other precious minerals. They are all in one place. No other country matches the DRC in terms of riches.

The video here shows just how minerals could be dotted all over the DRC. But as it goes to the polls in December 2023, its people will ask themselves a question; who is better placed to help them out of the abyss of poverty.

They have tried the incumbent Felix Tshisekedi who was forced on them after former president Joseph Kabila forced him on them as he did not win the 2018 elections.

President Tshisekedi’s record of failure is there for all to see. The Congolese people, 70% of whom are in abject poverty, have other choices.

Winner of the 2018 elections Martin Fayulu has hinted he will be on the ballot. There is also former Prime Minister Augustin Matata Ponyo and successful businessman Moise Katumbi have announced they will be challenging President Tshisekedi on December 20, 2023.

The video of the grader clearing city roads was captured in Kolwezi and shows that Congo riches are plenty but leaders to transform the resources into meaningful use are few.



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