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OPPOSITION GROUNDED:Chartered Flight For Katumbi’s Advance Party To Moba For Meeting With Members Blocked; Pres. Tshisekedi Orders Limitations Of Travel Of Popular Challenger

The Air Katanga jet chartered to ferry the advance party of opposition leader Moise Katumbi to Moba has been stopped for unspecified reasons.

Officials at Luano Airport in Lubumbashi did not disclose why the plane was not issued with permits to fly.

“We have instructions that they can’t go to Moba. These instructions are plain and simple; they can’t go,” an offical said.

The meeting is due for tomorrow in an area where one of Katumbi’s supporters, Christian Mwando, enjoys massive support.

Mwando alongside three others recently disengaged from the Sacred Union which was a work in peogress agreement between President Félix Tshisekedi’s UDPS and Ensemble led by Mr. Katumbi.

A member of the opposition says fear of Mr. Katumbi’s growing chance of winning the election with a landslide has gripped the ruling party.

As a result, President Tshisekedi has asked his team to find an effective means of stopping what appears to be a real and strong challenge to his on power.



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