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[VIDEO] DRC 2023 POLLS: Fayulu’s Inconsistencies; Should He Back Katumbi As An Opposition Common Candidate?

Opposition Ecide leader Martin Fayulu is back in the race for president after earlier opting out on account of fears the poll on December 20, 2023 will be rigged without his demands being met.

Fayulu, winner of the 2018 elections that was rigged and given to President Felix Tshisekedi through the backdoor, has insisted on a transparent process.

His decision to refuse to participate has cost the coalition Lamuka, a platform he says he represents, an opportunity to field parliamentarians.

Fayulu will file his presidential papers on Wednesday but there are those who believe he did not stand a chance but should rally behind the candidature of Ensemble pour la République president Moise Katumbi.

Katumbi is seen as front runner to defeat Tshisekedi in December as he enjoys massive support across the country with most of it from Katanga, North and south Kivu, central Congo, western and northern parts of the country.

Fayulu issued a statement saying, “The Lamuka coalition has decided to submit my candidacy for the December 2023 presidential election on Wednesday, October 4.

“We continue our fight for
transparency of results. These must be proclaimed at polling station by polling station.

“Many to the compatriots who fight for the integrity, peace and
prosperity of the DRC. The truth of the ballot box must absolutely prevail this time. This is the price for profound and
essential change in our country,” he said.




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