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KONGO-CENTRAL: Provincial Authorities Ban Importation Of Alcoholic Beverages & Cement

The Provincial government in Kongo-Central Province has prohibited importation of alcoholic drinks and other beverages as well as cement into the western part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In an official statement released last Friday, the authorities in Kongo-Central Province revealed that the decision made part of the economic measures being taken aimed at reducing the country’s dependence on imports as well as protecting the local industry.

Kongo-Central Province government spokesperson Anne-Marie Tsasa said that the authorities had noted with concern the continued trading of the said products in the province despite the ban.

Tsasa has since sent sent a final warning to people who have been clandestinely importing, selling and transporting the said products to desist from the trade or risk prosecution.

“Despite this ban, the circulation and sale of said products is noted in the province. The services working at the borders are invited to fight against this fraudulent practice” Tsasa said.



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