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USELESS GOVERNMENT: Advancement of M23 Fighters Reflects Tshisekedi’s Complicity to Protecting Congolese People & Territories

Popular DR Congo opposition leader Martin Fayulu says the continued attacks and advancement of the M23 rebel fighters shows President Felix Tshisekedi and his government’s complicity or lack of seriousness to protecting its people in the eastern part of the country.

Fayulu’s comments come after Friday’s bombings of displaced people’s camps near Goma, in the commune of Karisimbi, North Kivu Province following intense fighting between the M23 and local armed groups supported by the Congolese army.

“How is it that for the past two years, the so-called government, marked by financial scandals and prestigious trips, has allowed entire localities in North Kivu to be controlled by the M23 without any counter-attack strategy?” Fayulu wrote on his X account.

Fayulu stressed that the progression of the M23 aggressors and their persistence in breaking national cohesion border on Tshisekedi and his government’s complicity.

“A bomb dropped on civilians in Mugunga camp (Goma) killed and seriously injured people, including children and women. Enough is enough! Too much blood has been shed among the Congolese. This indifference, the powerlessness of the ruling power, in the face of the progress of the aggressors and its persistence in breaking national cohesion, borders on complicity,” he wrote.

Fayulu also called on the United Nations Security Council and all peace and justice-loving countries to stand with the DRC in calling on Rwanda to immediately withdraw its troops from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In addition, Fayulu also appeals to the international community to assist the DRC militarily in confronting the M23 believed to be backed by Rwanda.



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