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CLINGING ON TO POWER: Tshisekedi Confirms Plans to Revise Constitution to Continue Stay in Power Beyond Final Term

Democratic Republic of Congo President Fèlix Tshisekedi has confirmed he will in the coming days set up a national multi-disciplinary commission which will table the issue of the amendment of the constitution.

Tshisekedi has prioritized the amendment of the constitution in order to continue his stay in power beyond his current and last term which ends in 2028.

His disguising and lame reason for the desire to amend the constitution is because it has become obsolete and fits more with the political realities of the moment.

“As you know, I am a strong supporter of updating our constitution. I think that our constitution is obsolete, it is a constitution that was designed after a conflict and it gave pride of place to all those who had been belligerents and even in the electoral system that we have proportional representation this does not is not a conducive system for a country as large as the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We should not have such a system to compose our political class. I believe that all this will be the subject of reflection, I will set up a national commission which would be multidisciplinary and which would be called upon to reflect calmly on how to provide ourselves with a constitution worthy of our country,” Tshisekedi declared on Friday when he met the Congolese living in Belgium.

The current Congolese constitution stipulates that Tshisekedi can no longer contest presidential elections beyond his second term.

Tshisekedi is currently serving his second mandate which he secured following the chaotic 20th December polls and is now attempting to modify the constitution to remain in power beyond his two disastrous mandates.



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