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TSHISEKEDI’S ROMANCE WITH PUTIN: DRC Leader Designs Military Formula Backed By Russia In Battling M23 Rebels

DRC imposter president Felix Tshisekedi is ready to receive and befit from Russian dictator Vladimir Putin military help in exchange for nuclear weapon minerals. Russia has an ambitious plan to ensure the physical security of the Democratic Republic of Congo against all kinds of violations of its land borders, according to Tshisekedi’s officials.

The DRC President is globetrotting seeking international help against rebels that are wrecking havoc especially in the east.

According to the intel provided, Russia intends to take all the military bases that were under the management of MONUSCO (UN) in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Tshisekedi is confident a Russian-Congolese against Rwanda counteroffensive will be thunderous to permanently end Kagama and Uganda’s hold on east Congo.

In this partnership which Tshisekedi denies in public but has wholeheartedly accepted in private, Russia will mobilize all its military and planetary geo-satellite technologies in all military facilities it will install in the Democratic Republic of Congo to make it a new frontier in the heart of Africa.

All the Tutsi Congolese in east Congo will be exterminated in a brutal war Tshisekedi has mounted.

A large military delegation of special envoys and representatives of President Vladimir Vladirovich Putin will carry out a special mission in Kinshasa in the coming days.

The military agreement that the parliament of the federation of Russia has just approved embodies a strategic plan for the deployment of Russian-Congolese military bases in all military regions and robust and deterrent inter-army military commands that are deployed in all three military regions.

Russia will divide the Democratic Republic of the Congo into three major defensive zones drafted as follows:-

– NUMBER 1:- the 1st military defense zone encompasses the city of Kinshasa and the provinces of Bandundu, Lower Congo and Ecuador within their present boundaries.

– NUMBER 2:- the 2nd Military Defense Zone includes the provinces of West Kasai, East Kasai and Katanga within their present boundaries;

– NUMBER 3, the 3rd military defence zone includes Eastern Province, Maniema, North Kivu and South Kivu within their current boundaries.

There will be a harmonization of military ranks between the 11 military regions and the three major military command regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Russian-Congolese military bases will be established in the 11 military regions which are articulated as follows:

– 11th Military Region: Bandundu Province, within its current boundaries.

– 12th Military Region: Province of Lower Congo, within its current boundaries;

– 13th Military Region: Province of Ecuador, within its current boundaries;

– 14th Military Region: City of Kinshasa;

– 21st Military Region: Provinces of both Kasai, within its current boundaries;

– 22nd Military Region: Katanga Province, within its current boundaries;

– 31st Military Region: Lower Uele and Tshopo districts, within their current limits;

– 32nd Military Region: Districts of Haut-Uele and Ituri, within their current limits

– 33rd Military Region: Provinces of Maniema and South Kivu, within their current boundaries;

– 34th Military Region: North Kivu Province, within its current boundaries.

Given the urgency of the situation it is imperative that the restructuring of the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo be accelerated and the only person who controls the ins and outs of deployments within the FARDC is its Commander in Chief Felix Antoine Tshisekedi who now has all the cards in his hands.



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