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TRAITORS NABBED: Army Intelligence Agency Arrests Five Alleged Collaborators of the M23 in North Kivu

The Congolese Army (FARDC) intelligence unit has have presented five civilians alleged to be collaborators of the M23 Rebel Group in the city of Goma, North Kivu.

The five, includes two former provincial deputies from North Kivu who were arrested on 15th February in Goma.

Hope Sabini and Alio Ngera, both former provincial deputies, have been identified as agents of the M23 who recruit new members for the rebel group.

The FARDC presented Sabini as a “one-man band” having recruited all the other four “agents” including his own cousin, Cyril Muhongya, a tourism and environment expert in the provincial government of North Kivu.

The army also alleges that Sabini has admitted to having been recruited by a certain Bahati, an active member and responsible for the finances of the M23 terrorist movement.

He also acknowledges being an awareness-raising agent, recruiter and responsible for vetting for the benefit of Rwanda and declares having carried out several espionage actions for the benefit of Rwanda and having provided strategic security, military and political information from the DRC to Rwanda through the M23 terrorist movement.

“These compatriots from North Kivu are real traitors in the service of the enemy. The specialized services of the army which work day and night in the service of the nation have put them out of harm’s way. Following the investigations, other traitors were also arrested and will be presented at the appropriate time,” said army spokesperson General Sylvain Ekenge.



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