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TRIBAL & RACIST TSHANI LAW: Tshisekedi’s Tribalism Manifesting Through Kasai Economist

Ruling UDPS chief tribalist who also doubles as a sworn racist has continued preaching his xenophobic message aimed at creating hatred against other Congolese.

Noel Tshiani, the bankrupt and discredited American professor, is the architect of the segregationist proposal that aims to divide the Democratic Republic of Congo on ethnic lines.

Tshiani yesterday wrote, “Dear Compatriots, If you take a Japanese man and put your hands on his head while praying for him all day long, he will never become Congolese like me. From father
and mother, nde makambo! Let’s be very proud to be Congolese!”

The Tshiani bill which proposals that only Congolese who have both parents Congolese must be permitted to seek office as president is aimed at blocking opposition leader Moise Katumbi.

Local and international condemnation of the bill has detailed its reintroduction to parliament. It was already rejected and defeated in 2021.

Informants in the ruling party have revealed that Tshiani is President Felix Tshisekedi’s pawn wbo will go into exile after the election.

The former World Bank employee can’t return to the USA because of issues to do with child support which led to him filing bankruptcy.



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