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TRIAL OF SHAME: Stanis Bujakera Sentenced to Six Months in Prison, His Lawyers Set to Appeal

International journalist Stanis Bujakera has been sentenced to six months in prison and slapped with a fine amounting to 1 million Congolese francs.

At the final hearing held on Monday, the Gombe High Court passed its verdict over the case in which Bujakera has been accused of spreading falsehoods in the assassination of former Transport Minister Cherubin Okende.

Bujakera has been in the authorities’ custody since 8th September, 2023 when he was arrested meaning he has already spent over six months at Makala Prison and will have to be released.

Meanwhile, Bujakera’s lawyers have confirmed they will file for appeal against the High Court’s verdict.

“The judges declared all the offenses against our client established. (…) They retained the only most severe sentence, it is the sentence of 6 months, plus the payment of a fine of 1 million Congolese francs,” explained Jean-Marie Kabengela, one of Bujakera’s lawyers.

“All the defenses that were filed were not well judged by the judges. We will usefully advise our client on the path to follow.” Jean-Marie Kabengela said.

He added; “the court considers the exchanges of our client with Mr. Romain Gras, however the exchange took place later after the publication of Jeune Afrique to be able to link this communication as if it had preceded publication. Which, according to the lawyer, refers to a “distortion of the facts”.



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