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KATANGA SECEDES: Congolese Push For Separation After A Chaotic Election That Produced An Imposter President & Continued War

An unacceptable provocation from the imposter Félix Tshilombo regime against the Katangese people:

They decide to build road infrastructure construction program begins with the four provinces of the Katanga area.

The advent money is $7 billion. 6,000 km of roads will be built in other provinces of the DRC starting with Kasai except in the Katanga area.

The Katangese warn and say NO to this bad policy of provocation, of discrimination of the Katangese by Félix Tshilombo and his regime.

Katanga gives everything to the DRC.
It must be the first beneficiary of development programs and projects, not the opposite.

Today, it is still money from Katanga which is used to equip the Congolese army with weapons and ammunition, and to clothe the soldiers and police.

When Félix Tshilombo talks about the rise in power of the FARDC, it is with money from Katanga.

Unfortunately, no project, a development program of the tribal – ethnic, dictatorial and repressive regime of Félix Tshilombo has been executed in the Katanga area.

To make fun of Katangais, Félix Tshilombo signed a Chinese contract worth $7 billion, money from the amendment on the mines of Katanga to build and develop road infrastructure at home in Kasai and in the Equator area.

This is unacceptable stupidity.

The Katangese people say no to this bad policy of Félix Tshilombo.

Stand up Katangese to say no once again to this bad policy of Félix Tshilombo.

Time will tell….



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