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TOO LATE: Tshisekedi Finally Dismisses Non-Functioning Judges

DR Congo President Fèlix Tshisekedi has finally made major reshuffles to the long-defaced judicial system in the country with a host of law administers dismissed.

Following the conclusion of a series of ordinances availed publicly on Monday, President Tshisekedi fired several incompetent magistrates while others were retired or forced to tender in their resignations.

This latest move is considered long-overdue with many of the dismissed magistrates having been long subjects of court convictions and no longer practicing their functions in accordance with the disciplinary code governing the profession.

Also, other magistrates were considered deserters of their posts having been absent from their working sessions to fulfil their jurisdiction and had since been forcibly resigned from the profession.

Meanwhile, several other magistrates have been reassigned to higher courts including Judge Aimé Ilunga Tshamakeji, First President of the Kinshasa/Gombe Court of Appeal has been promoted to Counselor at the Court of Cassation, the Attorney General at the Kinshasa Court of Appeal/Matete Sylvain Kaluila has been appointed Advocate General at the Court of Cassation. Magistrates of the courts of first instance, courts of peace as well as prosecutors near these courts have obtained higher rank.



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