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TSHISEKEDI’S GOVERNANCE: Leadership Synonymous To Irresponsibility

Compliance to agreements and fulfilling jurisdictions remains to be something that will continue elude the DR Congo under the leader of President Fèlix Tshisekedi.

According to observations made, several key functions are non-functional as public officials or workers are oftentimes on strike expressing their displeasure over the Tshisekedi government’s failure and lack of respect to honouring their obligations towards the civil service.

Teachers, health workers and other key civil servants are constantly reminding the government respect and duly honour their responsibilities but the civil service’s cries have fallen on deaf ears, Tshisekedi’s ears.

Many now believe the failures to live up to government’s responsibilities has been transmitted from past regimes, thus incapacitating the workforce in the DR Congo.

On Thursday, nurses and administrative health workers in Bulungu of Kwilu Province declared a total and indefinite strike throughout the territory demanding for the government to honor it’s agreements signed with the health unit.

The health workers describe the government or leaders in charge as “irresponsible” for having paid a complete blind eye to their legitimate claims.

Lack of proper working mechanization, unpaid bonuses and tenure-in-grade rank above the plethora of legitimate claims that the poor health workers have raised.

The current state of affairs in the DR Congo, a country endowed with wealth and riches, beseech a competent government and one with the heart of the people to find suitable solutions to put to an end the continuous strikes and many other problems faced.



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