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THIEVING GOVERNOR: Provincial Assembly Lifts Immunities of Governor Cesar Limbaya

The Provincial Assembly of Mongala Province have voted to lift Governor Cesar Limbaya who is being investigated for embezzlement of public funds.

The age office of the Mongala Provincial Assembly decided to lift the immunities of the provincial governor, César Limbaya Mbangisa, ahead of legal proceedings following an indictment from the prosecutor at the Court of Cassation which relates to the grievances established by the General Inspectorate of Finance during his work trip to Mongala.

Out of 20 provincial deputies in the Mongala Provincial Assembly, 18 voted with 15 electing for the lifting of immunities while 3 voted against the decision on Wednesday February 28, 2024.

With the law of majority having prevailed, Gabriel Mosala president of the age office, made it official with a hard blow of the parliamentary gavel.

According to credible sources, Governor Limbaya is accused of the facts constituting the offenses of embezzlement of public funds to the amount of more than 3,512,533.66 USD, forgery of documents and use of forged documents by opening several parallel bank accounts to those of the province.



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