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THE POPULATION RISE FOR JUSTICE: Several Congolese Citizens Sign Petition Against Court’s Verdict & Demand justice for Chérubin Okende

Several Congolese citizens have signed an official petition to denounce and reject the Court of Cassation’s verdict on the assassination of former Transport Minister Cherubin Okende.

The Attorney General at the Court of Cassation ruled that Cherubin Okende, who was found dead in cold-blood last year, had actually committed suicide, a theory that has been strongly rejected by the citizenry.

Okende, a spokesperson of opposition leader Moïse Katumbi, was gruesomely murdered by ANR agents sent by murder president Fèlix Tshisekedi who had resorted to shedding of blood to weaken the his opponents ahead of a crucial presidential election.

The Congolese citizens including several human rights activist have since opened a platform to call for justice in the killing of Okende.

Tribune: Justice for OKENDE

Aware that the quest for justice is an inalienable right and constitutes the foundation of national cohesion, we express our firm disapproval of the entire investigation procedure initiated and haphazardly concluded by the Prosecutor General at the Court of Cassation;

Driven by the desire to honor with dignity the memory of the illustrious deceased by granting this tragedy the benefit of the strict truth for the good of his family and all his loved ones, and to recreate the confidence of citizens in the institutions;

Aware that the conclusions of the investigation presented by the Prosecutor General to the Court of Cassation do not correspond to the facts, we question the independence and seriousness of the judicial system and the responsibility of the military, security and policy of the country in this denial of justice;

Immune and indifferent to the threats and intimidations made by the authors of this sham investigation and reinforced by the constitutional guarantee that all Congolese have the right to freely express an opinion, a criticism, or to express any doubt about the acts posed by public institutions.

The signatories of this forum:

1. Respectfully salute the memory of the honorable Chérubin OKENDE, former minister and national deputy in full exercise of his mandate, whose body and vehicle riddled with several bullets were found inert on the morning of July 14, 2023 in Kinshasa;

2. Wonder how a human being can commit suicide with three (3) bullets while driving their vehicle;

3. Firmly reject the conclusions of the Prosecutor General at the Court of Cassation reporting the suicide of the honorable Chérubin OKENDE. These conclusions aggravate the family’s pain, accentuate the discredit of the judicial power and significantly affect national cohesion;

4. Denounce the intimidation and inappropriate threats of the Prosecutor General at the Court of Cassation against anyone who calls into question his version of the facts which is neither credible nor close to the truth and recall that the conclusions of the prosecution are not stops; they are subject to revision, questioning and criticism;

5. Demand the publication of the autopsy report countersigned by the Belgian, South African and MONUSCO experts, report accompanied by the conclusions of the ballistic investigation;

6. Stand alongside the family of the deceased to demand an independent investigation, under the supervision of an international body, to shed light on the circumstances of the death of the honorable Chérubin OKENDE;

7. Share the strong indignation shown by all of our fellow citizens, invite them to remain mobilized until the truth is revealed;

8. Regret the absence of indignation and condemnation on the part of politicians although the values ​​they claim to defend are flouted by the Power in place.

The petitioners :

1. Allégra Fosch Ngalula, politician

2. André Claudel Lubaya, politician

3. André Lodama, activist

4. Arsène Kabuya, Filimbi activist

5. Benjamin Amuri, Filimbi activist

6. Benjamin Babunga, Congolese citizen

7. Welcome Matumo, Lucha activist

8. Blaise Zahinda, Congolese citizen

9. Bopomi Mino, Filimbi Activist

10. Claude Katembo Lumoo, Congolese citizen

11. Claude Kinyunyi, Lucha activist

12. Clovis Mutsuva, political actor

13. Cynthia Katanga, politician

14. Diabikulwa Watumu Yves, researcher and Lucha activist

15. Dieudonné Mushagalusa, human rights defender

16. Emmanuel Malu Byakutuele, Congolese citizen

17. Emmanuel Shako, Lucha activist

18. Hope Ngalukiye, political actor

19. Fabrice Kighoma, Lucha activist

20. Félix Lengo, Lucha activist

21. Franck Kazongo Mbutu, Congolese citizen

22. Frank Sangano, Congolese citizen

23. Georges Kazambia, Congolese citizen

24. Guylord Nsasa, Filimbi activist

25. Hervé Diakesse, politician

26. Jackson Kisangani, Lucha activist

27. Jackson Mukunda, political actor

28. Jean Baptiste Kasekwa, politician

29. Jean Claude Mputu, Congolese citizen

30. Jean Jacques Lumumba, banker and whistleblower

31. Jean Pierre Kasma, researcher in environment and sustainable development

32. Jean Pierre Muongo, political actor

33. Joël Mputu, Congolese citizen

34. John Anibal, Lucha activist

35. Joseph Kasereka Kalungero, Lucha activist

36. Kambere Muyisa Lumumba, political actor

37. Leonard Yav Zama, President (IPDHOR) and Lucha activist

38. Maud-Salomé Ekila, activist journalist and spokesperson for pan-Africanist emergencies

39. Me. Paul Malumba Tchelu, Congolese citizen

40. Michael Tshibangu, political actor

41. Moïse Hangi, Lucha activist

42. Moïse Kyavu, Ir in building and public works

43. Muyisa Christophe, Filimbi activist

44. Nathanael Onokomba, political actor

45. Palmer Kabeya, Filimbi activist

46. ​​Patrick Mundeke, political actor

47. Peter Nyamwesa, Lucha activist

48. Pius Ndjoli, doctoral student in public law

49. Poncia Nyembo, doctoral student in polytechnics and socio-political actor

50. Rebecca Kabuo, Lucha activist

51. Richard Mandoka, Lucha activist

52. Salomon Zahiga, Congolese citizen

53. Serge Sivya, Lucha activist

54. Steward Muhindo, Lucha activist

55. Sylvain Saluseke, Lucha activist

56. Valery Shokano, Congolese citizen

57. Valet Chabujongo, Student at ISTD Kalehe

58. Vanessa Tshala Kalonji, Filimbi activist

59. Victoire Kambale Mbula, Congolese citizen

60. Zenobita Maganga Jeanine, activist



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