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ELECTORAL CORRUPTION: Aspiring Kinshasa Governor Requests Court to Cancel Elections After Revelation That Ruling UDPS’ Bribed Provincial Deputies with Jeeps Prior to Polling Day

Vidiye Tshimanga, a candidate in the governate elections in Kinshasa Province, has contested the election of Daniel Bumba of the ruling UDPS party, as governor as provisionally proclaimed by the Independent Electoral Commission (CENI).

Tshimanga and his lawyer, Arthur Bomana, have cited the ruling UDPS for corruption and threats against provincial deputies who are said to have been promised luxurious gifts including vehicles, actions which influenced the election of Bumba as governor.

“We have taken the matter to court to contest the election of Mr. Daniel Bumba and Eddy Iyeli respectively proclaimed by the CENI as governor and deputy governor of the province of Kinshasa. We denounce the threats and corruption that surrounded this election” Maître Arthur Bomana said in an interview.

Maître Arthur Bomana added that he and his client’s claim has been supported by UDPS General Secretary Augustin Kabuya who recently admitted the party had dashed out jeeps to provincial deputies prior to the governorate elections in Kinshasa.

“The secretary general of the UDPS admitted to having really handed jeeps to the deputies the day before the election, it is corruption. We have no problem against the UDPS SG Augustin Kabuya and Daniel Bumba, but these practices must stop. This is why we hope that in view of the confessions of the UDPS SG, who acknowledges that these vehicles were intended for UDPS deputies, it is corruption and we think that the judges will annul these results. We expect the verdict in 48 hours, either today or tomorrow,” he said.

Daniel Bumba Lubaki and Eddy Iyeli Molangi of the UDPS and Felix Tshisekedi as well as MLC led by Minister of Defence Jean-Pierre Bemba, were proclaimed of governor and deputy-governor of the provincial city of Kinshasa on Monday, April 29 after polling 37 out of 47 votes.



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