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INTIMIDATION: State-Sponsored Thugs Raid Exiled Investigative Journalists’ Family House

Democratic Republic of Congo exiled investigative reporter John Lungila has had his family house in Kinshasa attacked by government sponsored thugs who threatened his mother and other members of the family with death.

Lungila, an investigate journalist who has exposed several financial frauds committed by senior government officials in the Felix Tshisekedi regime, has to flee the DR Congo to seek asylum in Canada following threats on his life.

According to Lungila’s mother, a group of masked men visited their residence at 2AM this Tuesday morning and demanded that they ask their son to quit reporting about the financial crimes committed in the Tshisekedi government or lose their lives.

Meanwhile, Lungila from his Canadian base, has expressed his sadness over the horrific incident faced by his family in the early hours of Tuesday.

“See how far they can go. The family residence attacked last night around 2 a.m. by people in balaclavas with messages of intimidation and threats against my poor Mother, the poor widow. Breakage and sabotage. My family experienced the trauma” Lungila writes on X.

The matter has since been reported to the police in Kinshasa with the issuing having not issued a statement so far.



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