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SOLIDARITY: Journalists Pay Information Minister Visit, Request Bujakera’s Release

A delegation Congolese journalists yesterday visited Information & Communications Minister Patrick Muyaya to request for his intervention in the continued detention of their colleague Stanis Bujakera.

Bujakera who has been under police custody since Friday, was last night placed under provisional arrest and transferred to Makala Central Prison in Kinshasa.

A delegation of journalists joined a host of stakeholders and international community in calling for the release of Bujakera as they visited the Government Spokesperson at his office on Monday.

Congolese Journalists’ Union (MILRDC) President Israel Mutala expressed on behalf of the journalists their dismay over the detention of their colleague.

“The only request we have formulated, we the online media close to the Minister of Media, is to see our comrade Stanis Bujakera appear as a free man” Mutala said.

“If there charges against him, let him out of custody and face those charges as a free man.”

Meanwhile, in response to the journalists’ request Information & Communications Minister, Muyaya committed to pursuing avenues to ensure the release of Bujakera.

Bujakera is being accused of spreading and disseminating false information in the case relating to the assassination of former Transport Minister Cherubin Okende.



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