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PROVISIONAL ARREST: Bujakera Transferred to Makala Prison

Detained Reuters correspondent and international journalist Stanis Bujakera has been under ‘provisional arrest’ and has since been transferred to the Makala Central Prison in the DR Congo capital, Kinshasa.

Bujakera who has spent the last three days in police custody, has been accused of publishing false information relating to the case of the assassination of former Transport Minister Cherubin Okende.

On Monday, Bujakera was interrogated by the authorities for several hours before the state opted to place him under provisional arrest.

Bujakera is said to have been transferred to Makala Prison at around 9:30 pm on Monday with his lawyer Herve Diakiese confirming the development and availed plans to appeal for his release.

“He has been transferred to Makala and we will soon introduce an appeal for him to recover his liberty” Diakiese said.

Bujakera’s detention continues to raise concern from various stakeholders including the international community who have demanded for his immediate release.



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