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CHOLERA OUTBREAK: Nearly 80 New Cases Recorded In Kamanyola As Government Continue to Pay Blind Eye

Cholera cases have continued to escalate at Kamanyola vicinity of Walungu commune in South Kivu Province with more new cases recorded while the community continues to hope and wait for government’s intervention.

As of Sunday 10th September, the area has recorded 79 new cases of Cholera with the local authorities left deeply concerned about this situation.

Roger Sadiki Muganguzi, a local community leader, expressed his disappointment over the lack of response to the prevailing situation by the government.

“This is an opportunity to alert politicians. This disease has been shaking the population of Kamanyola and its surroundings for more than three weeks. It can even go into the Great Lakes sub-region. But apparently it’s as if our authorities are pretending as if nothing had happened. And yet there is a danger in front of us”, a community leader, Roger Sadiki Muganguzi says.

Muganguzi also visited the Saint Joseph Hospital in Kamanyola raised further concern negligence or lack of care for patients at the facility posing a threat to the lives of citizens in the area.

However, Charles Masiya, the medical director at the health facility, explained that the hospital had been lacking drugs and other health care necessities that had not been provided by the government.



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