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SLAIN GOVERNOR: Civil Society Accuses Governor Of Inciting Violence In Killing Of Opposition Party Member In Kindu

The Civil Society Forces of Maniema (SOCIMA) have condemned the acts of violence by the police in Kindu where opposition Ensemble Pour la Republique party member Master Dido Kakisingi was brutally killed on Tuesday.

Master Dido Kakisingi was shot dead on the spot as armed policemen attacked members and supporters opposition candidate MoĂŻse Katumbi who had arrived in Kindu for a series of campaign meetings.

SOCIMA have since described the acts of the police as “political assassination” and accused the Interim Governor of Maniema Afani Idrissa of inciting violence against defenseless citizens.

“SOCIMA notes that, under the reign of its excellent Afani Idrissa Mangala, and because of the efforts made by him to maintain his position as governor, although interminable, the province of Maniema has just suffered many acts of cruelty, atrocities, terrors, and it is up to her to lose a number of people in their prime for free,” a statement by the civil society group reads.

SOCIMA calls on the Congolese judicial system to conduct an indepth investigation into the matter and ensure that all responsibile for the death of Kakisingi are brought before the law.

“Everything suggests that the incidents of these days were sufficiently and seriously planned by His Excellency Afani Idrissa, following the events experienced recently in Kindu” SOCIMA declared.



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