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RPG 7 ROCKET EXPLOSION: At Least One Dead & Several Injured In Goma

One person has died and several left injured in Goma of North Kivu Province in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo as an RPG 7 Rocket exploded after being accidentally triggered near a sports arena.

The incident which occured on Thursday afternoon at Goma’s Unité Stadium that was due to host a local amateur football match between FC Likonji and Goma Academy before tragedy suddenly struck.

The rocket is said to have unintentionally detonated by a Congolese Military Defence Force officer who had been on board of a vehicle that got involved in road accident nearby the stadium.

Authorities have since confirmed the death of a victim, a player from FC Likonji, while several people that included players and supporters who were left injured were rushed to hospital where they are currently being treated.

The Interim Military Governor of North Kivu Province, Major General Peter Cirimwami has expressed his sincere condolences to the families of the victims and calls on citizens of Goma to maintain calm and serenity during this trying time.



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