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AN IMBECILE PRESIDENT: Tshisekedi Is An Idiot Who Doesn’t Care About Congolese Lives; He Thinks We’re Idiots Too; No Wonder He Can Lie About Chérubin; He Is In Brussels Instead Of Goma

Watching the Attorney General at the Court of Cassation announce the conclusion of the investigations into Chérubin Okende’s death was gut wrenching.

He looked like an idiot addressing fellow idiots. The theatrical was the worst form of insult even to imbeciles. But what do we expect? We are led by an imbecile of a president called Felix Tshisekedi Tshilombo.

Wait a minute. This is hard-core language we have had to use; it’s unpleasant to read, but we feel it’s justified and explains better the prevailing circumstances in our country the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We have taken up the position of Chérubin’s widow and orphans as well as his loved ones and his political party. Imagine anyone of them was you today.

Cherubin’s widow has been deprived of a loving husband, a companion, a provider, a protector and above all a soulmate. How has she been feeling the last eight months when she has sought closure to sweetheart mysterious death? What’s her level of pain? Imagine her as Denis Nyakeru.

Away from Chérubin’s widow are his children. They have to face life without their father; their hero and provider. How are they feeling right now? Only those who have lost their parents much worse in those unfortunate circumstances understand the position Chérubin’s children find themselves.

Beyond Chérubin’s family is his political class who have lost a pillar; a loyal servant who chose the opposition and gave up the luxuries of State power.

Today, they are told Chérubin took his own life after disappearing suddenly. How does one gather such courage to tell blatant lies before cameras? Only an imbecile like Tshisekedi can do that. We say Tshisekedi is an imbecile because only an imbecile can kill someone and start laughing. This is what Tshisekedi has done to Chérubin.

And he things all Congolese are idiots. He can pee and shit (as he did in Kolwezi during campaigns) in their faces; they’ll still be clapping for him and allow him to occupy power illegally.

The heinous killing of a high-ranking Congolese figure can’t be trivialized in this manner.

Of course, we don’t expect much from Tshisekedi and his class. They’re a disaster.

I mean… which President would first choose to go on an international tour when people are being massacred in his country.

Thousands are dying in Goma; millions are displaced in the east but Tshisekedi being the idiot he is, is in Belgium drinking champagne at his multi dollar million mansion.

It’s a shame. It’s sad. But sadly an imbecile like Tshisekedi thinks all Congolese are idiots.

That’s why he can kill an opponent like Chérubin, shit on his body and pee on it while drinking champagne because he doesn’t value life.

The day we, the people of Congo, will stop behaving like idots is the day imbeciles like Tshisekedi will never come close to us.

For now, let’s accept that we are idiots who have allowed an idiot to rule over us and suck our blood. We should know that anyone of us is next. Tshisekedi has no respect for human life.

After all, that’s the reason he has journalist Stanis Bujakera in prison. That’s why he has Salomon Idi Kalonda and Mike Mukebayi in prison so that when Chérubin’s blood runs out, he will feast on those already in his nest.

And if you’re agree to the nonsense that Chérubin committed suicide by first shooting in his car and then striking his body with three or so bullets, you’re truly an idiot.

Infact, since we accept to be idiots and imbeciles, let us surrender our country to Museveni, Ruto, Kagame, Hichilema or Ramaphosa. Maybe they’ll pump some sense in our insanity!

Rest in peace Chérubin Okende! You died at instructions of an imbecile called Tshisekedi.




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