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RECONCILED: Teke and Yaka Communities Adopt Act of Commitment to Peace

The communities of Teke and Yaka in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Kwamouth of Mai-Ndombe Province have adopted an act of commitment to peace following three days of consultations.

On Monday 25th March, Minister of Interior Affairs Peter Kazadi announced that the two communities had finally buried their differences to live amongst themselves in harmony.

Kazadi further explained that the two communities will in the coming days officially sign the act of committment to peace in the presence of head of state Fèlix Tshisekedi.

The meetings between the Teke and Yaka brought together nearly two hundred people, including traditional chiefs from the two communities and representatives of the government and others from provinces affected by the conflict.

The fighting between the Teke and Yaka communities in Kwamouth in the province of Mai-Ndombe over land rights has degenerated since 2022.

It has engulfed the entire province of the former Grand Bandundu and the outskirts of Kinshasa, causing loss of several human life as well as displacement of thousands people.



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