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PLIGHT OF TRUCK DRIVERS: Authorities Keep Drivers In Queue For Over 48 Hours; Thieves Continue Extorting Money As Police Watch

Truck drivers travelling to the Democratic Republic of Congo say transporting goods in the country is a nightmare.

The transports say they are fed up with the poor work culture of Congolese officials.

“As transporters across Africa, we are tired with the operation we are facing in the DRC. There are too many borders and road blocks which are causing the delay in moving client’s cargo,” one of the truckers stated.

On trucker singled out the situation at Mutaka in Kolwezi as traffic approaches Likasi as a den of corrupt officials.

The trucker says the transporters were sleeping for between two to three days to pass the scanner which is charged at $130.

“This too much.leaders look into the matter,” one trucker quipped.

At Kanyaka in the Grand Katanga province, thugs are forcing drivers to give them money while police officers are watching.

“So the police are the ones sending them?”



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