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KINSHASA GROUNDED: Taxi & Bus Operators Withdraw Services

Public transport operators in Kinshasa have withdrawn their services virtually paralyzing the city.

Residents of the country’s most populated city in the country woke up to a rude shock when they realized bus operators were not carrying out their business.

According to some operators, bus operators had crippled the system because their concerns have not be addressed.

The situation has created an opportunity for motorcycle taxis, commonly known as “Wewas”, as they are cashing in on the crisis doubling their fees.

A trip, for a example of 1,000 Fran Congole from Bayaka (Ngiri-Ngiri) at the roundabout to Huileries (Lingwala) will cost double the rate.

In a recent press release, taxi-bus drivers denounced road harassment by law enforcement officers.



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