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OPERATION ARREST KABILA & KATUMBI: Impatient Tshisekedi Adds ‘Ruthless’ General Tshibangu To The Lubumbashi Mission

President Félix Tshisekedi has deployed the ‘ruthless’ General John Tshibangu to the mission assigned to arrest former president Joseph Kabila and opposition Ensemble pour la République leader Moise Katumbi in Lubumbashi.

According to Congo Intelligence, General Tshibangu has beefed up General Makombo’s DEMIAP team in the operation after Tshisekedi expressed frustration with the delay in its execution.

General Tshibangu boarded the Airbus A330 plane registered as 9S-ABS with CAA from Kinshasa to Lubumbashi this morning.

Tshisekedi is so far dissatisfied with the pace at which the commando unit, assigned to the “Mission” his special assistant has signed off on, is moving.

Tshisekedi is unhappy with the inefficiency in the operation to arrest Kabila and Katumbi on trumped up charges of terrorism.

The Head of State believes General Tshibangu, his Kasai tribesmate, will move with precision and perfection in executing the assignment as in previous cases.

General Tshibangu is a controversial figure, having been implicated in the kidnapping of General Mulongo in Zambia soon after Tshisekedi became president.

There is speculation that General Mulongo, who was accused of plotting to overthrow Tshisekedi, has since died at a secret ANR prison in Kinshasa. However, no official confirmation has been made.

General Tshibangu’s appointment has raised concern about the nature of the ongoing operation and its impact on the political situation in the country. The arrest of key political figures that include Kabila and Katumbi feared to be a watershed moment in the management of the country.

It is feared that such a mission will plunge the Democratic Republic of Congo into further chaos as the country is experiencing civil unrest in nearly all corners.

The reaction of the Congolese population, as well as of the international community, is expected to have a significant impact ahead of the elections on December 20, 2023.



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