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INCOMPETENCE: Police In Kinshasa Struggling to Contain Kidnapping Cases As Database Disappears

Police in the Democratic Republic of Congo capital Kinshasa are struggling to end the rising cases of kidnapping as it has no access to registration details of vehicles in the city.

Security in the city of Kinshasa has been tense recently following rising number of people who have been taken into custody by kidnappers prompting the National Police to swing into action.

However, Police have seen their efforts to end the scourge complicated as the city’s vehicle registration database in no longer accessible.

Speaking in an interview, Police spokesperson General Sylvano Kasongo revealed that the police had been informed the database was nowhere to be found as the person who had been in charge of registering vehicles in city had left office.

“We went to the town hall to collect the registration data of taxis, taxi-buses, and motorcycle taxis to trace and track down the perpetrators of kidnappings recently by vehicle in Kinshasa, unfortunately, we are told that the gentleman who was in charge of it returned to his home in South Africa in a rage with the whole database because his services were not remunerated, hence the difficulty of the Police” General Kasongo said.

It is only recently that the city of Kinshasa had registered all transport vehicles to build the famous database with each vehicle charged about US$35 or 500 francs for registration.



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