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NOT A PRESIDENT OF THE PEOPLE: Former CENI Chief Exposes Tshisekedi’s Election Rigging Agreement That Made Him President In 2018

Exiled former DR Congo electoral commission CENI President Corneille Nangaa has reiterated that Fèlix Tshisekedi became President thanks to a political agreement scheme to rig the 2018 elections which he signed with former leader Joseph Kabila.

In a latest exclusive interview with top French media outlet France 24, Nangaa who was at the helm of CENI at the time, concealed details of the scheme with Kabila to rig the elections that resulted in Tshisekedi becoming President of the DR Congo.

“There was indeed a political agreement between Félix Tshisekedi Tshilombo and Joseph Kabila Kabange in 2018. This agreement is an act of state which must be respected. Failure to comply will have shocking consequences” Nangaa told France 24.

Nangaa also reveals that Tshisekedi has sworn to use all political scheming tactics in order retain the presidency in the coming December 20 Elections that might not even be held as the electoral process is littered with several irregularities.

“There will be no elections on December 20, 2023. The electoral process is based on lies and falsehood. Wobbly and distorted electoral file associated with unparalleled technical incapacities” he said.

Meanwhile, Nangaa said that Tshisekedi was determined atrocities of all magnitudes in order to get a second term of office to satisfy his insatiable apetite for riches at the expense of poor Congolese people.

“Mr Tshisekedi has evolved into an aronist and a firefighter at the same time for the need to shift his mandate in order to prolong his personal enrichment” Nangaa adds.

Nangaa also reminded Tshisekedi of his words fake commitment to restore stability of security in eastern DRC where he instead of protecting the citizens ended up using police armoury to kill poor innocent people during the August 30 massacre in Goma, North Kivu Province.

“The serious lightness shown in the handling of the security question in the East stems from political debility. National Security must remain a priority” he said

“In his [Tshisekedi’s] words he said ‘As long as I have not resolved this security problem, for me I will have succeeded in my mandate as President of the Republic’…so means that has failed and must leave power” Nangaa said.

Nangaa stressed that Tshisekedi had failed the Congolese people for the several unfulfilled promises, irregularities and crime against humanity in his regime.

“Tshisekedi has been a slump that has produced nothing but wind, orgies and Irresponsible enjoyment by officials, lies, populism, gangsterism, spectacular embezzlements, budget overruns, violation of human rights and the constitution, broken promises, insecurity, disasters, tribalism, unemployment, and deaths” he said.

“Tshisekedi no longer deserves the trust of the Congolese people.”

Meanwhile, Nangaa who has been in exile also revealed that Tshisekedi had made committed numerous illegalities committed against him in a bid to curtail his political ambitions.

“I am forced into exile for security reasons, it is very surprising that Tshisekedi and his regime want to caricature my political struggle and reduce it to the mining squares where disposessed from me by the Tshisekedi family. This is a private heritage that no one has the legal prerogative to despoil. Tshisekedi has demonstrated high treason against the people” Nangaa declared.



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