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VIOLENT CLASHES: Two People Including Policeman Die In Clashes Between Youths & Authorities In Gungu

Two people including an officer of the Congolese National Police (PNC) were confirmed dead on Tuesday following violent clashes between youths and the police in Gungu territory of Kwilu Province.

Riots broke out in Mukedi community of Gungu on Tuesday following news of the death of a child at a hospital after a blood transfusion in the hospital was performed on the patient, a process to which the child’s parents opposed and eventually led to loss of patient’s life.

Angry youths in the community mobilized and attempted to storm the hospital but were met by the police on their way.

Police fired shots in the air and in the process shot one of the young protestants who died on the spot and in retaliation, the youths descended on the commander of the Mukedi Road Traffic Police.

The police commander suffered numerous injuries from the lynching by the youths and was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

Gungu Provincial Deputy Frank Gatola regretted the tragic incident and called on citizens and youths in the territory to conduct themselves in a peaceful.

“The people we send to restore order must have a community spirit and understand the population so that order can return to the city of Mukedi,” Gatola said.

Meanwhile, police in their official statement have blamed the youths for causing the deaths of the deceased and further announced strict security measures that had been put in place to restore peace and order in the territory.



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